Who the heck are these people?!?

Bernadette: Bee’s mom, earlier architect, does NOT like people

Bee: The teller of the story (though she does not seem to be the protagonist?), 15 years old, heart problem, small for her age

Elgin: Bees father and Bernadette’s husband, works for Microsoft, seems as he tries to help Bernadette

Manjula Kapoor: Bernadette’s virtual assistant, lives in India

Ollie-O: Yeah, this guy ….

Audrey Griffin: Known as ‘gnat’, their neighbor, really doesn’t like Bernadette

Tom: The blackberry guy

Soo-Lin Lee-Segal: One of Audrey’s friends, works also at Microsoft (admin in Elgin’s department)

Ms. Goodyear: A part of the school community

Bruce Jessup: Dean of admissions at Choate

Hillary Loundes: Director of studies at Choate

Jacob Raymond: Guy who sees and recognizes Bernadette

Dr. Janelle Kurtz: Shrink (Elgin writes to her concerning Bernadette)

Paul Jellinek: Professor of architecture at USC, the one Jacob wrote to (worked together with Bernadette when she was an architect)


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