Writing Prompt: Music

“Music is the strongest form of magic.”

-Marilyn Manson

It is true. Music is really a rare, powerful form of magic. It has the ability to turn your whole world upside down, to remove the sadness from a long, hard day, or to even strengthen that sadness and truly let your feelings spill out. As humans we are complicated, fragile beings. Sometimes words are simply not enough to express what we feel and think, but through sound and music it is suddenly possible to come out with all the voices of the world. Music is the magic keyword which opens up for everything you try to keep hidden and lets you combine and connect in communities with other people who think like you. It enables us to face the reality of our own world, because we now know that there are like-minded people out there.

From my own experience I can only nod and agree to Manson’s words. I think we have all tried it before: being in a certain mood, most likely a bad one, but then suddenly your favorite song comes on. The beat is just right and the sound makes your heart flutter in excitement, and before you know of it you are laughing and singing and dancing. That is the kind of power music has- no, not only the magic of the music itself, but there is a fairy tale-like  aura surrounding the artist and the fan base. Being a part of that can truly save lives.


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