Writing Promt: Last Summer Everybody ….

It happened last year. I remember it so clearly.  I was walking around the mall, enjoying the the air-condition and doing some shopping, when I entered a random store. I do not even remember what they were selling, I only remember the sound. Or rather songThat song. Playing again, just high enough so I could hear it and get annoyed but to low for others to notice.

Quickly I left the shop. Actually I gave up completely and went home.

I do not know what I thought. Maybe that i possibly could not follow me all the way home? Nevertheless, as soon as i entered the kitchen I caught the sound. At very low volume, so it was hard to be completely sure. I refused to believe it until my mother abruptly yelled: “Oh, I love that song!” and cranked up the volume so I almost got blown straight out the door.

Absolutely horrified I turned around and fled the kitchen and went outside to my father’s workshop. Believing that I was finally safe, I sat down on an old barrel and watched him repair his vintage motorcycle.

“Eh, you hear that?” he suddenly said.

I looked up at him, not knowing what he was talking about, and shook my head.

With a grunt he got up and walked over to the broken radio in the corner of the shop. Confused I watched him. It had not been working for years- what was he doing with it?

He lowered himself and started fiddling with the machine, when suddenly music blasted out of the speakers. I nearly had a heart attack and felt my heart falling into the acidic pits in my stomach.

That song.

I almost screamed, got up and and ran to my room, desperately plugging in my earphones. Finally I could relax and manage the music myself.

I took in a deep breath and lied back on my bed. After a couple of songs the music stopped playing and an add came on.

I froze.

An add for that song.




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