Writing Prompt: If I had to go…

I honestly do not know. It really is not a thing I have ever thought about, and initially I just thought of the least painful way to do it. A guaranteed but painless method. However, I just now realized that it is wrong- you should never just ‘disappear’. There is nothing more sad than that. So instead I thought to my self: How do I do it in a manner which celebrate the life i lived? And then I got the perfect idea!

I will never slip away without doing any good or fight for what I believe in. If I would have to do it, I would probably lock myself up in a room with only a computer. No food, no water. I would not be allowed to talk to anyone, not in person nor on the internet, and then I would just write. Until I died. Write the story of my life (not about it, though). That is how I would do it; literally pour my life into my last work.


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